Fascination and Inspiration

Collecting antiquarian maps is a special passion for many art lovers. Of course only a very few people possess such expensive rarities like the first edition of the impressive world map by Ortelius or the first map of Europe by Mercator. However, a very affordable map by Merian is something equally special, particularly if one can find his hometown on it as it looked more than 400 years ago!

In addition to their interest as historical cartographic objects, many of these ancient prints also have a high aesthetic value. Maps of the 16th to 18th Centuries are often beautifully coloured and also contain richly ornamented title cartouches. Some of these antique artworks are true treasures, often having a high market value as well. For instance, a woodcut map of Ptolemy from the 2nd half of the 15th Century is a small investment.

Just have a look at our offers. Maybe you can find a centuries-old collector’s piece among our selection of maps and town views. One might even depict your homeland or your favourite travel destination! Or you can look for the one print that is missing from your collection. And with a bit of luck (because luck always plays a part in auction purchases), you can buy your desired item for a surprisingly reasonable price.